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Ann Mayburn

I have a release date for Sodom and Detroit, a contemporary M/M/F coming out with Loose Id. :) We are looking at July 19th as the big day! For more info about Sodom and Detroit, read my first chapter  here; 

Warning- 18 and over ONLY please- Not Safe for work

Hope you enjoy! :D

Tianna Xander

My newest release and first ever sweet romance, The Golden Dragon released yesterday at

April is shocked when she runs into a dragon in the alley behind her shop. Despite his urbane appearance, a wildness lurks in his gaze. Gathering her coven together, they discuss the ramifications of one of the witch-killing beasts appearing nearby. When spell after spell continues to go awry, is it a sign that their magic is truly weak or is it the dragon in the picture that is turning tulips into toadstools?

Dragons are too bossy to bond to their own kind, so when Drake meets the perfect witch for him, will he have enough fortitude to stand against her coven and their truly crappy magic?

Read an excerpt here:

Dana Marie Bell

Several people have written to me recently to ask if I have news on the third Gray Court book.

Well. I have news.

Artistic Visions
The Gray Court Book 3

Akane Russo, part dragon, part Seer and one of Robin’s top Blades, has been given a job to do, and damn it she’s going to do it. The Malmaynes are up to their old tricks, and the Dunne family still has no plans to accommodate them. She’s been tasked with keeping Shane Dunne safe from the Malmaynes and their kidnapping ways. But can anyone keep her safe from the heat in Shane’s gaze?

Shane knows the woman meant for him will never come to him willingly. Luckily for him she’s been ordered by none other than the Hob to guard him, and he’s going to use that to his advantage every chance he gets. He knows it’s only a matter of time before the dragoness succumbs and lets Shane Claim her like they both want. When they come together he knows the results will be beyond his wildest imaginings.

When Akane winds up poisoned by gold and forced into temporary heat, marking Shane suddenly takes top priority.
Keeping her new mate safe, and sane, will be a brand new puzzle, one the Blade isn’t sure she can solve in time.

The contract came this weekend; Shane and Akane will be out this year!

Sable Hunter

I have had a new release.  It is the second in my HELL YEAH! series.  This is a continuing story of the McCoy brothers of Tebow Ranch.  The first COWBOY HEAT was about the eldest McCoy - Aron and how he fell in love with Liberty Belle Fontaine.  HOT ON HER TRAIL was released last week and it is about Jacob McCoy.  Jessie walks up to his door - homeless,  in danger, and pregnant with his child.  The only catch is that A - they've never met before and B - she is still a virgin.  Interesting.

Here's the link -

Thanks - come visit me at my website.


Anne Rainey

I've opened a new yahoo group, Reading After Dark.

All readers and authors welcome! :)



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