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Gail Norma Koger

 GAME ON ASKOLE - the next in the Coletti Warlord series is coming to a galaxy near you this summer.


Tihar travels to Earth to find and claim a Jones’ female. He knows they are fearless, psychic warriors and talented in bed sport. Ten minutes after meeting Sarah, Tihar knows the feisty, little human is the one he has been searching for. Now he must convince Sarah, she’s meant to be his.


The first-time Sarah sees Tihar, she a bit freaked out. The Askole warrior has tentacles, snakelike features and black armored-plated skin. Even weirder she finds him strangely attractive. Tihar’s torso is sculpted perfection and his black scales are kind of sexy. Who knew challenging Tihar to combat would start the Askole mating dance. He thinks Earth girls are easy and he’s about to learn messing with a Jones female is never a good idea.



As the two grow closer, their romance comes to a screeching halt when Askole rebels attack Tihar’s home world. He tells Sarah she is his heart’s destiny and he will love her to the end of time. He abruptly severs their mental bond and disappears. Reeling from shock, Sarah won’t let a galactic war stop her from locating Tihar. Can the two of them find their way back into each other’s arms?

Gail Norma Koger

 In the P&E Readers Poll Wulf and the Bounty Hunter was #1 in the erotic category and #2 in the romance category

Gail Norma Koger

 Wulf and the Bounty Hunter was a winner in the LR Cafe Best of 2016 for the Science Fiction category

Kim Golden

At long last, I can say that we have a final release date for Maybe Tomorrow. On Friday, December 9, the ebook *and* paperback versions will launch on all online retailers. 

Thanks so much for your patience! I really appreciate the support you've all given me as I have worked on this book.

Kayleigh Malcolm

Only 10 days left to get Haunted Hearts at the special pre-order price!! (It will go up to $3.99 on release day.)

In the wake of a horrific accident, Gwen was left with a terrifying ability. Now, she's on the run with her little brother. Fleeing the iron fist of her father and his organization, she can't escape her visions of the ghosts who haunt her.

When Mac lost his passion for his career in the coast guard, life holds little pleasure anymore, until a beautiful woman crashes into his life and he is forced to live up to his code of protection.

When the ghosts of the past catch up with them, will their love protect them or will the truth destroy their future?

Length: 59,344 words
**This novel was previously released under a different name. It has been heavily edited with additional content. **


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