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Anne Rainey

I’m very excited to announce that two of my Red Sage Publishing novellas are now together in one print volume! You can order a  copy of the anthology “Forbidden Fruit & Reckless Exposure” right now at Barnes and Noble. It’ll be available at other stores soon! Read Chapter One of Forbidden Fruit | Read Chapter One of Reckless Exposure


Do you remember Tory Jeffries, Summer’s friend from What She Wants? Well, her story “What She Craves” is out now, and boy is it hot!  See More Info | Read Chapter One | Amazon Kindle | Barnes and Noble Nook

rowena sudbury

Promises and Lies, my new contemporary m/m romance novel, will be published by Dreamspinner Press on November 29, 2010!

When Sean Murphy meets Jeff Hayes in a park one day, he's charmed by the simple pleasure Jeff finds in walking his dog, and despite Jeff's guardian, Jesse, hovering over them, a friendship is born. Sean realizes there’s something different about Jeff, something that would explain his timid nature and fear of disappointing Jesse, and he suspects Jeff has been a victim of abuse.


Sean works hard to earn Jeff's trust, but there are so many challenges to meet: Jeff's unusual dependency upon Jesse, Sean's devil-may-care attitude toward the past, and old nightmares and disabilities that continue to haunt Jeff to this day. Their growing love might not be enough. Jeff will have to find courage from somewhere deep within to take control of his life and decide if he wants Sean to be a part of his future.

Rhea Regale

Wild Nights, the second book in the Blood Moon Legacy series, was accepted for publication!  It is scheduled for release early 2011.  Check back for updates.



Jodi Redford

That Voodoo You Do is now available!

 In the mood for a hot and humorous paranormal menage featuring a witch, a tiger, and a werewolf battling zombies? Please visit for more info and an excerpt.


Anne Rainey


I'm thrilled to announce my latest release is now available for purchase on the My Bookstore and More site, as well as Amazon Kindle!

A Little Bit Naughty
erotic contemporary romance
Short Story
Samhain Publishing

A Tahoe Nights story

Resistance is no longer an option…

Faced with the annual family reunion in Lake Tahoe, Amanda Harding cringes inwardly like the awkward teenager she used to be, not the successful bookstore owner she is now. Once again she’ll be bombarded by questions about her dreadful status as a single woman. And, like always, she’ll feel the weight of her parents’ disappointment that their only child isn’t happily married and pregnant with their first grandchild.

As she relates her troubles to her good friend, Leo, she’s shocked to the core by his offer to pose as her soon-to-be fiancé. Then all she can think about getting tangled up in the sheets—and with Leo’s deliciously hard body. Leo Prentice has always wondered what his quiet, bookish Amanda looked like beneath the conservative suits, but the prospect of wrecking their friendship has kept his dirty mind in check. Until their first fake kiss.

Playing Amanda’s lover seemed like a win-win. But the little bookworm stirs a fire in him unlike any other woman. Soon, the teasing touches and sensual looks are all too real…and not nearly enough.

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