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Anne Rainey

Okay, I can finally say something about this. *g*I signed a new contract with Samhain. Yay!  “What She Wants” is a short erotic romance set in New Jersey. It’ll be out sometime next year.
Here’s a blurb:
Summer just got a whole lot hotter…
Summer Chase has already loved and lost once and she has no intention of going through that pain again. But when a hunky Camaro driving P.I. shows up at her B & B looking for a room for the week, she sees something more than a hard-bodied guest.  For the first time since her husband’s death, Summer’s sexual interest is awakening, and she’s not about to hit the snooze button! 
Gage Knight is a P. I. in desperate need of a vacation. His impromptu trip to Cape May, New Jersey seems just what he needs to relax and unwind. But when he knocks on the door of Chase’s Bed & Breakfast and comes face to face with sexy owner, Summer Chase, relaxing drops to the bottom of his to-do list. Now all he wants is a tasty Summer treat, and he plans to take his time, savoring the curvaceous beauty one inch at a time.
Question is…can she watch Gage drive off into the sunset when the week comes to an end?
And if you want to see my inspiration for Gage, go to this page:  

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