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Anne Rainey


My first Ellora’s Cave release is now live, baby! Check it out! *g*

Ride of Her Life

It’s been a year since her divorce and Lily Justice is ready to move on—but not with just any man. She’s got a certain drool-worthy body shop owner in mind. It’s almost convenient that her car needs some work. And when she meets Kyle Wolff up close and personal, her inner-slut has to have him, age difference be damned. With the car staying at the shop, Kyle graciously offers to give her a lift home.
While she accepts a ride on Kyle’s hot motorcycle, Lily’s inner-slut wants a hot ride on Kyle.
She’s about to get what she wants. And it will be the ride of her life…

Dawne' Dominique

The second novel to The First vampire series has just released in eBook through Purple Sword Publications. The print version will be following shortly.

This is a unique vampire series wherein biblical facts and fiction meet headlong and the age old question of How and Why vampires came into existence is answered.

Eden's Hell begins the series, with Dark Diary recently being released on August 9, 2010.

If you're looking for a unique take on the vampire lore, I  guarantee you will not be disappointed in this series. 

Anne Rainey


My newest contemporary erotic romance What She Wants is now available for purchase at Samhain Publishing. This is the first in my Cape May series.
You Can read the first chapter on my website here
Buy What She Wants at MBaM or Kindle

Jodi Redford

Light My Fire, a hot and humorous dragon menage is now available from Samhain Publishing. Click here for more details.

Kaylin McFarren
Exiting News!! Flaherty's Crossing received an amazing review in The Chicago Sun TImes and Southtown Star!!

Flaherty’s Crossing

Thursday, April 15, 2010

“Flaherty’s Crossing” begins as Kate Flaherty is rushing to her estranged father’s deathbed.  She makes it there before he passes, but he appears to be incoherently drifting in and out of the past.  Kate carries a tremendous amount of anger towards her father. After her mother tragically died at age thirty-six, she blamed him for her death.  Holding a grudge against him and his inability to express his feelings towards her, Kate saw her father as an enigma.

At the same time that Kate is losing her father, she is about to lose her husband. This loss would not be to death.  Just as Kate’s father withheld himself from her, Kate has been withholding herself from her husband, Drew. Their marriage is on the rocks and neither knows how to reach out to the other.  A car accident changes everything. When Kate runs her car off a road to avoid hitting a deer, a strange encounter with a mysterious man in an old diner begins to wake her up from her apathetic state. Realizing that he could have lost her forever, also forces Drew to know that he does not want this to happen.

Together they decide to try to salvage their marriage.  They start looking at what is truly important to each other.  Drew begins to see that being trapped in an unrewarding job so that he can afford their big expensive house and fancy BMW is not worth it.  The couple also has other serious issues to contend with.  As Kate deals with her father’s passing, she begins to learn more about his life. She discovers that the family secrets ran very deep.  Finding mementos that he had saved of her, shows her how much her father really loved her.  She begins to see that she has been making the same mistakes in her marriage that her father did in his.  She knows that she needs to make changes so that she does not end up like her parents did.

“Flaherty’s Crossing” by Kaylin McFarren is a beautiful story. The author does an incredible job of presenting the story in vivid detail.  We are taken into the minds and hearts of the characters. As you read, you will feel the same anguish that they each felt in dealing with their own issues.  In your heart, you will also feel their love and their hope for a better future.  Even though it is a fictional story, it made me reflect on my own life, and how I shouldn’t wait until it is too late to let people that I love know how I feel, or to apologize if I need to. This is a novel that is written with exceptional quality.  Readers will truly enjoy this story.

Flaherty’s Crossing
Kaylin McFarren
Champagne Books (2010)
ISBN 9781926681191
Reviewed by Paige Lovitt

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