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JoAnne Myers
Hello friends, my campaign Cat Haven, is to raise money to spay and neuter stray cats and is a worthy cause. Please give all that you can. Over population of stray cats is a huge problem. Please donate now. Thank you.

JoAnne Myers
My newest book is Murder Most Foul 2. This book takes F.B.I. Agent Walker Harmon out of retirement and into international espionage. Filled with diabolical suspects, lies, lust,kidnapping,and murder,this book is beyond supernatural forces.

Jodi Redford

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From the moment Graham Barlow and Matt Spencer moved into the bungalow across from hers, Dani Tipton’s willpower has been strung to its limit. Ignoring the hot and heavy fantasies the two hunks inspire on a daily basis is more than any woman’s libido can take. Although temptation beckons, Dani’s determined to be a good role model for her wild, trouble-prone younger sister. Jumping in the sack with either of her sexier-than-sin neighbors sure as hell wouldn’t help her case. But when her sister sets up the ultimate April Fools’ prank, Dani suddenly winds up neck-deep in a compromising position. Literally.

For the last eighteen months, Graham and Matt have been carrying a major case of blue balls for Dani. No matter how hard they flirt or lay on the charm, she’s kept them strictly in the friend’s zone. So when they discover her buck naked in their swimming pool they figure they’re either hallucinating—or have been handed their one shot at rocking Dani’s panties off. Not too difficult to do, seeing how she’s not wearing any. Convincing her to indulge in a little frisky threesome skinny dipping? Easy enough. And the sexy interlude that follows is hot enough to boil the pool water. But when it comes to making their unconventional triad permanent, Matt and Graham issue Dani the biggest dare of all—entrusting them with her heart.

Warning: This M/F/M ménage brings new meaning to getting to know your neighbor. Lusty pool shenanigans and creative uses for hot tub jets. No bathing suit required, but bring an extra towel. Things are bound to get wet.

Sue Holston


To celebrate the release of the anthology, Limelight: A M/M Entertainment Bundle, we are giving away "Dinner and A Movie." Come by the Enchantress of Blog Tours for your chance to win.



Kayleigh Malcolm


Only a few weeks left till the ROMANCING THE CAPITAL book convention!

I'm so excited to be a par!! There's only a few tickets left, don't miss out on

this incredible event!!

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