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Trinity Blacio


Valentine’s Day New Releases


Cupids Bakers Dozen





Cupid, or Eros as his friends called him, couldn’t believe what the fates were having him do. A week before Valentine’s Day, getting twelve of the hardest cases in the world, his personal friends and the women that they were paired, together with was going to take creative ideas.
Oh, he would do it. They wouldn’t know what hit them by the time he finished with them. Their love lives were going to get really hot.
But little did Eros know the fates had added a thirteenth name, and it was his.














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Her Stepbrothers Are Angels




Dixie Squire is half demon on her mother’s side and has an embarrassing gift that she can’t reveal to her father. Who wants to tell their daddy that she needs to have sex every week in order to survive? Talk about a complex.

But that isn’t’ the worst part. It seems her father has just taken an angel for a mate—not just any angel, but one that used to hunt down and destroy demons, right alongside with her two very hot new stepbrothers.

Eae and Leo only wanted their mother to be happy, but they never dreamed they’d be tracking down their wayward stepsister. But when they stepped into Dixie’s old apartment, Eae and Leo realized they were not only tracking their stepsister, but their woman, and that they weren’t the only ones after her.








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Claire Fullerton
Giveaway of Literary Fiction, "Dancing to an Irish Reel" by Claire Fullerton. Review and Excerpt

Bella Juarez

Now available at Amazon and Kobo  the sixth installment of the Brotherhood, Tightrope, where a new brother faces a new more deadly enemy.  


Navy SEAL Dan Gamez’s plans for extended leave are derailed when he uncovers a plot targeting Homeland Security facilities monitoring illegal traffic along the United States-Mexican border. It’s a doomsday-prepper’s worst nightmare but it’s a day in the life for Dan--until Rio crosses his path and old embers ignite new flames.  Border Patrol Agent Rio Jensen and her team of brush hogs have their hands full stopping the illegal traffic pouring across the US-Mexican border. The last thing she needs is more complications when an old high school crush shows up on her door step. Dan has a secret he’s never revealed to any lover. With alarming ease, the tiny but fiery CBP agent takes command of his heart. When Rio is targeted by a cartel with terroristic intent, Dan finds himself walking a tightrope to save the woman who understands and accepts him like no other.  




Kayleigh Malcolm

50 Authors, giveaways, and lots of books!

The RTC convention might be sold out but the book signing is open and free to the public!!

April 18th, 2015  2-4pm

Holiday Inn & Suites Ottawa/Kanata

101 Kanata Ave, Ottawa, Ontario, K2T 1E6





Claire Fullerton
Release Day for Dancing to an Irish Reel, set in Connemara, on the western coast of Ireland: Literary Fiction (Vinspire Publishing.) Available in Print and e-book at all online book outlets!

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