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Julia Talbot

Come see my newsletter! Sign up at the link at the bottom of my website

I have free ficlets and contests!


Anne Rainey

Starting tomorrow my short vampire romance, A Diamond at Midnight, will be available for free on Amazon Kindle. Offer ends Aug. 29th!

shawn P. Dalton-Smith

I will be a guest on The R-list Atlanta show on Wednesday July 25, 2012 at 10 pm. Would love to see all of you there! Here are the instructions to view the show.

To view Shawn on the R-List Atlanta Show on 7/25/12 @ 10pm, you must go
to .
Click the heading The R-List Atlanta Show and you will see waiting for
host with an icon in the middle of the screen. Once the show starts,
the icon will turn green, click on the icon and the show will begin.
You can resize the screen as necessary. It is very important to send a
comment during the show. You will see a box at the bottom of the
screen for your comment and it will ask you to put in your name. You can use a pseudonym if you'd like. If
using your mobile device you must have a flash compatible browser.

Tonya Kinzer

My erotic Bubble Bath Book Tour has started!! Go there to enter for the Grand Prize to be drawn on Oct 2 then follow me on the tour to enter at each of my blog stops during the three month tour in July - August - September!! Don't miss out on a chance to possibly win several gift cards! Thanks and pls share my link with your friends!

Fierce Dolan

 What's a flugelbinder and mezzofiction got to do with Amy Tan?  See for yourself, and comment to win a copy of Fierce Dolan's newly released interracial erotica novella, "Gigolo Seduction," on Misty Rayburn's The Top Shelf.

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