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Mocha Memoirs Press, LLC is an electronic publishing company that seeks to add new flavors to the realms of romance and speculative fiction. We seek to provide quality stories that invigorate the reader’s literary palette like a good, strong coffee and like great coffee houses, they offer a variety of flavors—they don’t just serve their coffee black. Visit for more information.

We are actively seeking submissions at this time for short, novella length stories up to 30K word count.  Please see our Submission Guidelines at:

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Submission Guidelines

Current Releases

Mistletoe Dreams
Laurel Cremant

It's Christmas, Cupid!
Drea Riley

C.A.K.E.: The Complete Series
RaeLynn Blue

The Portal Guards
Marcia Colette

Strange Bedfellows:Behind the Red Door
Alexandra Christian

Witch Way is Up
John F. Allen

Reluctant Magic
Dahlia DeWinters

Forever Irish
Drea Riley

Native Hearts: Lasso a Lover
RaeLynn Blue

Native Hearts
RaeLynn Blue

Southwest Heat
RaeLynn Blue

Siobhan Kincade

Talking Dirty
Drea Riley

Mocha Descent
Drea Riley

Hidden Depths
Reana Malori

Zola's Magic Touch
Shiree McCarver




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