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Kal-Ba Publishing specializes in publishing works from various authors whose information can enlighten, challenge, and inspire their readers to expand and grow in consciousness.  In other words, we want to be the catalysts for others to boldly burst out of the box that has held them in stagnation.  Our authors come from diverse backgrounds with even more diverse and challenging ideas, thoughts and expressions.

 What Makes Kal-Ba Unique

Many publishing companies will assist their authors with publishing and marketing only.  Kal-Ba understands the process involved with writing to publish.  Most readers only see the final result but we understand the entire process from the initial inspiration to the final draft and that includes everything in-between.  We provide support to our authors in every sense of the word.  Kal-Ba will coach, encourage, and provide resources to include sources for the graphics and marketing.  Our services are meant to give you, the writer, the tools to become you, the author.


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