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Deep Desires Press publishes the hottest erotica and erotica romance of all romantic pairings.

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Thong of Thongs
Kitty Knish

The Frozen Prince
Minna Louche

The Revenge of Count Shagula
Justin MacCormack

To Love This Woman
Patricia Pellicane

The Bad Sister
Rachael Stewart

Gorgon in 69 Seconds
C.B. Archer

The Line of Succession 2: Acts of Treason
Harry F Rey

Crimson Tide
Michelle Geel

Dog Days
Marie Fox

The Incredible Real Life Monster Man
L.B. La Vigne

The Adventures of Neela
C.S. Keene

Love Knot
Tim Bartholomew

A Splendidly Smutty Dictionary of Sex
Simon Leyland

New York Heat
Cameron D. James

The Weeping Forest
James Missaglia

Blissful Surrender: Running From The Shadow
M.C. Fields

First Watch
M.W. Benjamin

Centaur of Attention
C.B. Archer

The Dome: Beginnings
Keith Nosdivad

Kinksters at Play
Sonni De Soto

Gay Love and Other Fairy Tales
Dylan James


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