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Deep Desires Press publishes the hottest erotica and erotica romance of all romantic pairings.

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Current Releases

Britt Collins

Power to Love
J. Margot Critch

Incubus Touch
Siryn Sueng

Love Plus One
Gemma Stone

Going Solo: Part Four: Casual Car Deception
Storm Stone

Law of Love
Bob Masters

One Knight With The Swordsmith's Daughter
Michael Bracken

Going Solo: Part Three: Casual Car Cravings
Storm Stone

Stealing Beauty
Jessica Collins

Going Solo: Part Two: Casual Car Affair
Storm Stone

Mixed Doubles
Gemma Stone

Louder Than Words
Siryn Sueng

Something More
Carla Atherstone

Going Solo: Part One: Casual Car Sex
Storm Stone

Winner Takes All
Gemma Stone

Inside Mrs. Jones
Carla Atherstone

A Night To Remember
Sandra Claire

Pitch Perfect
Gemma Stone

Shady Grace

Something New
Carla Atherstone

Give To You
Sonni De Soto



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