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Sparkling Light
Karyl J. Leslie

The Color of Pain
Melisa E. Arnold

Kane Moss: A Tale of Reckoning
C.D. Tuttle

Phantom Rose
Tanwa Adanlawo

Rays of Hope
Karyl J. Leslie

Love's Games
Deborah Armstrong

Discover America’s New Beginning of We the People (A Christian Foundation)
Cody E McGowan

The Narcissists Iziara and the Priestess Falls
Kristin Guldner

The Final Frontier
H M Irwing

Love's Promises
Deborah Armstrong

Erotica: Secrets and Confessions from the Girl Next Door
Angela James

Forever Love
Deborah Armstrong

My Affair
Bella Lynn Rose

The House of Dark Shadows
Robert Digger Cartwright

Adolf Hitler in Oz
Sam Sackett

The Adventures of Baby Caterpillar and His Traveling Butterfly Family
Debra Guerrera

Tomatoes in July
Benjamin Pheesh

Friendship, Chaos & Betrayal
Tikira Walker

The Versailles Conspiracy
Robert Digger Cartwright

Drama Queen Rules
Terry L. White

The Essentials: Book of Quotes on Purpose and Destiny
Lambert B Johnson


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