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Prizm Books is a subsidiary of Torquere Press, Inc.  Prizm was started in 2007 as a labor of love in the name of giving back to the LGBT and young adult community.  Prizm originally focused on the experiences of gay teens and young adults.  Since then Prizm has branched out to reach all young adults whether mainstream or LGBT in all genres.  We look forward to continuing to serve the young adult community for many years to come in allowing readers to immerse  themselves in stories they love and to always see them craving more.

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Current Releases

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The Clawed Monet
A.M. Bostwick

A Fool's War
Voss Foster

Go Ask Alice
Anne Key

Blood and Ink
Jack Bridges

Madeline Dyer

Vitamins and Death
Medeia Sharif

The Dybbuk's Mirror
Alisse Lee Goldenberg

The Jester Prince
Voss Foster

Climbing the Date Palm
Shira Glassman

Eagle Peak
Elizabeth Fontaine

The Syrup Incident
Ava Kelly

A Christmas Caroler
John Amory

Love of the Hunter
V.L. Locey

Moon of the Goddess
Cathy Hird

The Co-Walkers, Awakening
Hermine G. Steinberg

Zirkua Fantastic
Voss Foster

A Deal with the Enemy
Jessica Ennis

The Second Mango
Shira Glassman

Just for Kicks
Racheal Renwick

Necromancy and You!
Missouri Dalton

The Strings of the Violin
Alisse Lee Goldenberg


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