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ePress-Online, Inc. was formed in 2000. The website was created in 2001 and a book of poetry, Word Castles by Tom Spencer, was published. In 2002 a children's book, Samantha the Duck by suz, was published, and early in 2004 a collection of short stories, Other People's Lives, was published. Since that time, ePress-online has accepted and published many manuscripts, full-length works of fiction as well as nonfiction pertaining to the craft of writing. Our team editing approach has resulted in accolades for the quality of our books. In early 2007, two of our books--Needle by L.L. Whitaker, and Hierath by UK writer Joanne Hall--took finalist positions in the prestigious EPPIE Awards held at Virginia Beach. In June of 2007, ePress incorporated as a legal entity as ePress-Online Inc. With sound management and structured growth, ePress is poised to be the premier ePublisher of the future. The following link will take you to our submission guidelines.
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The Aztec Eagle
Catherine Wells

Diary of Murder
Jean Henry Mead

Second Time Around
Linda M Faulkner

The Vision Quest Factor
Teel James Glenn

Herbert Pompelio Holeman

Death At Dragonthroat
Teel James Glenn



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