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Demon Queen, Volume One
Kayden McLeod

Ascending Hell (Demon Queen #2)
Kayden McLeod

For the Love of a God
J.T. Cheyanne

Evernight Volume 2
Sherrie Henry

Evernight Vol 2
Johanna m Rae

Blood Haven: Micah
Nya Rawlyns

Guardians of the Portals: Trey
Nya Rawlyns

Twenty-Four Hours
Sherrie Henry

The Shadow of This World
Nya Rawlyns

From Ashes To Flame
Allison Cassatta

Coming Up For Air
T.D. Jones

Evernight, Romance in a World of Darkness
Sherrie Henry

Evernight: Romance in a World of Darkness
Allison Cassatta

Evernight Vol 1
Johanna m Rae

Dear Diary
Allison Cassatta

Radiance...Love after Death
Debra Jayne East

Shamrock Kisses
Christianne Charles

The Empress of Tridon
James L. Hatch

Subordinate Position
Delaney Diamond

Man Eater
Erica Rivera

Submissive Confessions
CK George


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