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Dare Empire eMedia Productions

The Dare Empire name originally created by Justin James and Krystal Cavallo as Dare Photographix, a Photographic Design Production business running out of the Northern Suburbs of Melbourne, Australia. 
The Dare name slowly grew and moved throughout Victoria building a small client base and spreading it's talents vastly to extend past Photography to Advertising Design, Magazine Publishing, Clothing Design, and most recently and most successfully into Book Publishing and Cover Design for some of the worlds most influencial ePublishing Houses.
The Dare name has grown into a well respected Multi-Media Production outfit now branded as Dare Empire eMedia Productions,  focused on the overall production of eBook Publishing, including the production of not only the finished eBook but Trailers for promotion, Advertising Campaigns, Cover's, and Book specific websites.

Dare Empire eMedia Productions currently works with two American Publishers, and is still available on a contractual basis for any Publisher in need of Cover Art which is creative, fresh, and pushes the boundaries of ordinary Cover Art Design.  With a broad range of styles and capabilities to suit any genre of Novel, and any Art Directors taste.

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Current Releases

The Boy From Brighton
Geoffrey Knight

Broken Dreams
Justin James

Brothers Of The Moon
Wayne Mansfield

Scott Sapphire and the Emerald Orchid
Geoffrey Knight

The Stroke Of Midnight
Wayne Mansfield

Drive Shaft 2: Between a Rock and a Hard Place
Geoffrey Knight

Drive Shaft
Geoffrey Knight

The Dark Mirror
G.B Hobson



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