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eXtasy Books is a company that strives to bring the best of fiction to the reading public. We officially launched in 2002, while our non-erotic imprint, Devine Destinies, launched in 2008.

Our vision is perfect e-books. Our mission is to get the best product possible to readers. Our human side allows the desired friendly connections that make us a consumer-friendly company. That same human side also means errors slip past. If errors are discovered in our books, we welcome readers and reviewers to alert us in order to make any needed corrections.

Our books are also available worldwide at many third party channels. We publish a variety of genres, from Action to Western. Devine Destinies publishes the same genres as well as children, juvenile and young adult.

We are more than just romance!

Current Releases

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Quadratic Equations
Sofia Teresa Garcia

Saving Sarah
Daralyse Lyons

Shade of Blue
Liza Kay

Storm's Caress
M.R. Kelly

The New Guy
Celine Chatillon

The Slut Fairy
Stefan Angelina McElvain

The Unlikeliest Candidate
J. S. Frankel

Beyond the Beach 4
Kathy Kalmar

Come By Chance
A J Llewellyn

Sword of Betrayal
Gabriella Bradley

Sword of Betrayal
Taryn Jameson

What Riley Did To Me
Sari Shepard

The Home Team Advantage
Renee Matthews

Cracked Control
Viola Grace

Beyond the Tunnel
Daniel Mitton

A Boyfriend for the Weekend
Caitlin Ricci

Wish Matched
Lark Westerly

Lycan Limbo
Blair Nightingale

Catherine Lievens

Getting There
Deja Black

Because I Can
Ken Lukin


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