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The rising costs of doing business and reduced sales have hit us extremely hard in spite of our fantastic books and enthusiastic efforts of staff and authors alike. We deeply regret that Musa Publishing, LLC closed its virtual doors on March 1, 2015.

Our authors were released from their contracts with us. It is our hope that you will seek out books by the authors you love, and will support them on social media and in their future publishing endeavors.

From the hearts of all at Musa, we thank you for your loyalty.

Musa Publishing, LLC

Current Releases

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Leigh Goff

Clarissa L Johal

Clarissa L Johal

Keepers of Sulbreth
Susan Gourley

Educating Rena
Maggie McCullough

The Crosstown Kid
Richard Weir

Haley's Man
Sara Daniel

Mint, Infected
Daniel Ausema

Cowboy Passion
Helen Hardt

The Caelimane Operation
Chris Pavesic

The Colour of Love
Pascale Duguay

Sausages, Steam, and the Bad Thing
Rachael Acks

Time Was
Mary S Palmer

Loving the Amnesia Bride
Sara Daniel

The Charm
Jojo Debrazza

Sword of Fate
Richard C. White

Primal Instinct
Helen Hardt

The Lone and Level Sands
Nyki Blatchley

Williver's Mistake
Daniel Ausema

Cowboy Lust
Helen Hardt

Eye of the Hawk
LV Barat


First Page 1  2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9   10  Last Page


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