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Ellechor Publishing House

Ellechor Publishing House, LLC is producer of both Christian fiction and non-fiction literature. We provide our readers with top quality publications by focusing not only on the product, but on the providers as well. Beyond just book publishing, we ensure that our writers have the support they need to develop, so they can provide quality manuscripts. We accomplish this via many unique and effective programs, as well as creative publishing options and extensive distribution.
Company Overview
Ellechor Publishing House, LLC [EPH] was founded in 2009 to provide an outlet for authors who shared the need to promote biblical principles while utilizing their God-given creative talents for writing. Our goal is to provide quality Christian publications while maintaining author integrity, and our commitment to God and to our mission is revealed in our mantra: Live. Write.

Live- Romans 14:7-8 [...See More
In keeping with our goal to bring the largest possible number of quality new books to readers everywhere, EPH currently offers a number of products with more to come in the coming months for both readers and authors.

We are a traditional, royalty-paying publishing company.

* Creative Publishing

* Strategic Marketing & Distribution
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Current Releases

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Gwen Campbell

Cheyenne Surrender
Madeline Baker

An Unexpected Romance
Donna Fitts

The Mercy Seat
Alvetta Rolle



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