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My Pouty Lips

My Pouty Lips is a journal of free sexy stories and secrets, a mouth watering read that turns you on and lets you enjoy pleasurable moments.

We do publish erotica author and give them some exposure as well on our website. So if you want to see your manuscript published and distributed at all the major online retailers, contact me.

We do not charge anything and pay royalties to our published authors.

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Current Releases

End of Days
Dark Scribe

Rising Demon
Dark Scribe

Fallen Angel
Dark Scribe

Anal Sex Tips For Guys and Girls [illustrated]
Angelicka Wallows

Rising Poles & Dripping Holes
Angelicka Wallows

Bedtime Stories & Wet Dreams
Angelicka Wallows

Submit To Your Fantasies
Lynn Myshe' Joseph

Fiery Tales & Happy Handing
Angelicka Wallows

Phone Sex Tips For Long-Distance Couples
Jeff Cunningham

High Off Your Blood
Jeff Prebis



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