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To Win Her Trust
Mackenzie Crowne

Horse of Wind and Shadows
L.B. Shire

Sheritha Singh

A Very Shalean Christmas (The Shalean Moon Series)
J. Lilley

Sightseers (Book One in Series)
Tricia A Campbell

Changeling (Book 2,Curse of the Kin)
Ari Harper

Stone Toucher: Diary of Peyton Wren
Julie Parker

The Last Day King
Liz Newman

The Last Day King
Liz Newman

Ghosts in the Mirror
Joyce Mangola

Angel's Requiem
Sarah J. Pepper

Mark of the Dragon
Astrid Novak

Witchling: Curse of Kin Book 1
Ari Harper

Elemental: The Rare Sisterhood Book 1
Alyce Lewis

Resolved: The Shalean Moon Book 6
J. Lilley

Threatened: The Shalean Moon Series Book 5
J. Lilley

Death's Melody: The Ringer 's Masquerade Book 2
Sarah J. Pepper

United (The Shalean Moon Book 4)
J. Lilley

Accepted: The Shalean Moon Book 3
J. Lilley

Renounced: The Shalean Moon Book 2
J. Lilley

The Devil's Lullaby
Sarah J. Pepper


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