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Hi. The first thing you need to know about Mandrill Press is that it's a co-operative, formed by four writers who had certain things in common:

Each of them knew one of the others

They had all been published in the past by recognised publishing companies

The demands made by their regular publishers had brought them all to a level of frustration high enough to make them want to take back control over their lives

The four talked to each other about those demands and that frustration, because that's what writers do. I'm not a writer but my cousin Ronnie is and I heard a lot of the talk, which I thought of as moaning, and when I'd had enough of it I put this proposition to Ronnie: "There are two things you can do. Join together to publish your own books in the way you want them published. Or shut up. For ever. Because I'm sick of listening to you. I know how to make websites and I know how to run companies, so I'll be your admin guy. If you make a go of it and the books sell, I get ten per cent of the profit. If they don't, well, I'll have enjoyed myself anyway and at least the moaning will stop."

So that's how Mandrill Press came to be.

Well. It wasn't quite that simple. There was a lot more talking before the four of them hammered out a set of rules--a manifesto, if you like. But they got there. You can read those rules on our Website It pretty well describes what Mandrill Press is about. (You'll find the writers and their books there, too)

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