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Deep Desires Press publishes the hottest erotica and erotica romance of all romantic pairings.

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The Revenge of Count Shagula
Justin MacCormack

To Love This Woman
Patricia Pellicane

The Bad Sister
Rachael Stewart

Gorgon in 69 Seconds
C.B. Archer

The Line of Succession 2: Acts of Treason
Harry F Rey

Crimson Tide
Michelle Geel

Dog Days
Marie Fox

The Incredible Real Life Monster Man
L.B. La Vigne

The Adventures of Neela
C.S. Keene

Love Knot
Tim Bartholomew

A Splendidly Smutty Dictionary of Sex
Simon Leyland

New York Heat
Cameron D. James

The Weeping Forest
James Missaglia

Blissful Surrender: Running From The Shadow
M.C. Fields

First Watch
M.W. Benjamin

Centaur of Attention
C.B. Archer

The Dome: Beginnings
Keith Nosdivad

Kinksters at Play
Sonni De Soto

Gay Love and Other Fairy Tales
Dylan James

Lilia Blanc

The Good Sister
Rachael Stewart


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