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Dreamspinner Press specializes in publishing M/M romance and erotica in both paperback and eBook formats.


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(available at

DSP is seeking gay homoerotic stories in all genres. While works do not need to be graphic, they must contain homosexual romance of an erotic nature and focus on the interaction between characters. Stories may stand alone or be part of a well-developed series. We encourage tales that cross genres; for example, a science-fiction mystery or romantic fantasy:
  • Romance – Modern or historical love stories with strong characters.
  • Science fiction – Science fiction, paranormal, urban fantasy worlds, futuristic, time travel, and alternate reality stories.
  • Fantasy – Dragons, elves, fairies, and knights in shining armor.
  • Westerns – Cowboys and/or Native Americans.
  • Military/Paramilitary/Mercenary – Political thrillers, espionage, and in the field stories.
  • Mystery – Provincial country detectives, fast-paced thrillers, or hard-boiled PIs.
  • Paranormal – Scare us with your vampires, zombies, and things that go bump in the night.
  • Holidays – Valentine’s Day, Halloween, or Christmas.
Dreamspinner publishes several categories of titles:
  • Novel - 60,000 words and up (Paperback and eBook)
  • Long Novella - 30 to 59,999 words (eBook)
  • Novella - 15 to 29,999 words (eBook)
  • Short Fiction - Under 15,000 words (eBook)
For consideration of your title, please send in the body of the e-mail:
  • Your legal name, pseudonym if applicable, and contact e-mail.
  • Working Title (series name if applicable)
  • Genre and manuscript length
  • General story description in two paragraphs.
  • Writing credentials, if applicable.
Attach to the e-mail the following:
  • A short but complete story synopsis.
  • A partial file which includes the first twenty-five percent of your manuscript to the nearest scene break. Editors may request more of the story during review, and a complete manuscript will be required before a contract is offered.
  • If the story is less than 30,000 words in length, please include the entire story.

Submissions will be accepted in .docx, .doc, .rtf, and .txt formats. Standard 12 pt. Times New Roman, 1 inch margins, .5 indent for the first line of each paragraph. 1.5 line spaces between lines. No tabs or spacing to indent please! Page numbers in the upper right corner, author name in the upper left corner with the title of the work following. Example: Stephen King / The Shining

Send your submission to: submissions [at] The word Submission must be in the subject line. All submissions must be spell checked and edited for grammar.

  • Unsolicited manuscripts are accepted at any time.
  • We will acknowledge all submissions by e-mail in 5 to 7 days.
  • Submissions will be read by an editor, and you will have a response in 6 to 8 weeks.
  • All accepted works will need to be provided to us as an electronic file.
  • Electronic contracts are exchanged via e-mail.
  • For novel length work, we pay a negotiated advance (25% is paid when the contract is signed and 75% is paid upon approval of the final proof) and 25% of net royalties thereafter. Novella length stories earn 33% royalties and Short Stories earn 50% royalties. Short stories and novellas for anthologies are purchased for a flat amount based on the length of the work. Copyright remains with the author. Exceptions are made for an anthology of shorter fiction by a single author in which case the novel length guidelines apply.
  • Dreamspinner requires three years' print and digital rights.
Dreamspinner Press Calls for Submissions:
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Adams, Diane
adams, jeff
Addams, Brita
Aedin, M. Jules
Aile , Rhianne
Albert, Maria
Alder, Alex
Allen, Tamara
Ambrose, Perry
Ankh, Alana
Anthony, Shira
Arvin, Eric
Ashling, Mickie B.
Ashwood, Cate
Astor, Jade
Astruc, RJ
Auster, Rayne
Bachtold, Ken
Bailey, Connie
Banis, Victor J.
Barnaby, J. P.
Barwell, Anne
Beaumont, K C
Bekins, Alix
Belleau, Heidi
Bennett , Nicki
Bennett, Nicki, Tachna, Ariel
Birk, J.E
Bishop , Sienna
Black, Lenore
Black, Sarah
Blackwell , Scarlet
Blackwood, Jessie
Blaise, S
Blaise, S.
Blakeley, L.D.
Blaydon, Louise
Blue, TC
Bonaste, Sophie
Bosch, Ana
Bowler, Michael J.
Brimingham, Anna
Brody, Selena
Brown , Bethany
Brown, Sue
Brown, H C
Brues, H.J.
Brukz, Lara
Burn, K.C.
Burton, Hallie
C, Cardeno
C., Cardeno
Cade, Scott
Cade, Scotty
Calmes, Mary
Carmichael, Talia
Carrington, Ellis
Cassatta, Allison
Cates, Skyler M
Chapel, Janey
Chase, Lex
Chevalier, GN
Chin, Alan
Chivers, Nick
Church, MA
Clancy, Eva
Clinger, R. W.
Cochet, Charlie
Cohen, Rebecca
Colail, J M
Colcroft, Karenna
Connor, David
Connor, Shae
Cook, J.S
Cooper, R.
Cooper, William
Cordd, Jackson
Corett, CM
Cornelius, Michael G
Cosentino, Joe
Cotoner, Kate
Cullinan, Heidi
Cummings, Carole
Cummings, Robert
Currie, Justine
Dash, Jameson
David, Charlie
Davies, Jessica Skye
Davis, Lisa Marie
Deacon, Andi
Denardo, Jana
Dennison, Poppy
Deri-Bowen, Sophia
DeRicci, Diana
Descoteaux, Charley
Diaz, Johnny
Donim, A. Soo
Douglas, Dawn
Downs, Jana
Doyon, Ashavan
Drew, Libby
Duchene, Remmy
Dudley, Anne
Dugan, Celle
Duncan, Grace R
Easton, Eli
Edward, Charles
Edwards, Ryssa
Eisenberg, Andy
Elliott, CJ
Elliott, C Jane
Ellis, Bell
Ellis, Giselle
Emrys, Phoenix
Erich, James
Erno, Jeff
etienne, etienne
Faber, Feliz
Fally, J
Farnsworth, J L
Fenraven, Theo
Fessenden, Jamie
Fielder, Hank
Fielding, Kim
Fielding, Tia
Flores, Jacob Z
Ford, Catt
Ford, MA
Ford, Rhys
Foster, K.R.
Foster, H Lewis
Fox, Brandon
Franks, LE
Freely, Jessica
Freely, Jr., F.E.
Freeman, Kerry
Friday, P.A.
Frye , Lacey Anne
Fullan, Rebecca Lynne
Gala, Lyn
Garcia, S.A.
Garcia, Sandra A.
Garrison, Reve
Gayle, A.B.
Gilbert, Evan
Gilbert, L.A.
Gold, Elizabella
Goode, John
Gouda, Michael
Grace, Lily
Graeme, Roland
Granger, Sarah
Gray, Elinor
Green, R.G
Grey, Andrew
Grey, Cornelia
Griffis, Nancy M
Grimm, MD
Gryffyn, JM
Gunn, K. Roxanne
Haircrow, Red
Halfhill, michael
Hanson, Nick
Harmon, J.A
Hastings, Lesley
Hawkins, Lori C.
Hayes, Julie Lynn
Heart, Valentina
Hennig, J. Tullos
Henry, Sherrie
Henshaw, Pat
Hilton, Violet
Hoffmann, Lou
Hogben, Ben
Holiday, Ellen
Holliday, Brian
Holly, JC
Holt, HJ
Houser, John C
Huerto, Stella
Ice, Azura
Inman, John
Irving, Jan
Ivey , Felicitas
Jackson, C.M.
Jacobs, Annabelle
James, Lee
James, Hayley B.
Johnson, Dawn Kimberly
Kadence, Sam
Kane, Ashlyn
Kasey, Lissa
Kat, Chris T
Kaye, Annie
Keats, Alice
Kell, Amber
Kells, Joanne
Kelly, Kiernan
Kelly, Wade
Kennedy, C
Kennedy, Cody
Kennedy, Sean
Kerick, Mia
KevaD, KevaD
Kidwell, Alex
Kiels, Evie
Kildaire, V. B.
Kilhey, J.W
King, M.
Kirkpatrick, Jay
Klune, TJ
Knight, J.H.
Koehler, Christopher
Kove, T.T.
LaBarthe, LJ
Labbe, Marguerite
Ladnier, Aidee
Lain, Tara
Laine, Susan
Lane, Amy
Lane, Shawn
Lane, Trina
Lang, Matthew
Larson, Tara
Laughton, Geoff
Lebellier, Lola
Lee, Kristi
Lee, Laura
Lee, M
Lee, Maggie
Leigh, Garrett
Leigh, Rebecca
Lenk, J.R.
Leonhard, Sam C
LeVine Topol, Carolyn
Lewis, Lavinia
Li, Augusta
Lira, Sharita R
Llewellyn, A J
Lochland, Taylor
London, Clare
Love, Pearl
Loveless, J.R.
Loveless, Ryan
Loy, Teegan
Lynley, EM
Lynn, Sui
Lynne, Zoe
Mactire, Jake
Madison, Sarah
Malinowski, E.T.
Malone, Harry K.
Manning, Edmond
Mansfield, Wayne
Marchwell, DW
Marcus, A.J.
Marie, Anna
Mars, A.J.
Martin, Anna
Mavison, Dar
May, Anna Marie
Mayne, Xavier
McAllister, Rowan
McIntosh, Donna
McMurray, Kate
Mercer, Aldous
Merrow, JL
Mestek, Farida
Michael, Patric
Michael, Sean
Michaels, Robbie
Michaels, Tere
Mill, T.C.
Mills, Margaret
Montgomery, EE
Montgomery, E E
Moone, April
Moore, Michelle
Moreton, Emily
Muise, Ian
Munder, Chrissy
Murphy, Michael
Myles, Josephine
Nacht, Clancy
Noble, Elizabeth
Nordwell, Alicia
Northcote, Jay
Nyx, Lydia
O'Faolain, J.L.
O'Riley, Tempeste
O'Shea, M.J.
Olie, Manda
Olteano, Liv
Osborne, Stephen
Ottoman, E.E.
Owen, Timothy
Owens, Zahra
Owens, Lisa M
Pack, Jeremy
Parker, D.G
Parrish, Jefferson
Patton, D.V.
Pattskyn, H.B.
Pavelle, Kate
Pearce, Jeff
Pedersen, K.J
Peters, Mal
Peterson, Jo
Peterson, SJD
Phoenix, Wolf
Price, Nora Catherine
Quinn, Carter
Rahn-Lee, Charlotte
Rand, Kelly
Redd, Amber
Reed, Mark
Reed, Rick R.
Reilly, Linda
Rhodes, Devon
Ricci, Caitlin
Riley, Con
Roberts, Posy
Roman, J.
Romano, Angela
Rook, Spencer
Ross, Rodney T.
Roux , Abigail
Rowan, Isabelle
Rowan, Tracy
Royale, G.G.
Rupured, Michael
Ruskin, JD
Ryan, Cecilia
Ryan, Ann T.
Sacher, Jerry
Safko, Carly
Samms, Jaime
Sampson , Steve
Sanders, Russell J.
Sands, Kate
Saxon, Robin
Scott, RJ
Scott, Rosina
Seabourne, Stefan
Sentelik , Ian
Sexton, Marie
Shayne, Meredith
Sheridan, Barbara
Sherwood, Kate
Shiloh, Hollis
Silversmith, Alexi
Simpson, John
Sims, Ruth
Sinclair, Jenna Hilary
Singer, Aundrea
Singer, P.D.
Singer, Sam
Sirene, Dany
Skelton, Joel
Smith, Amberly
Snow, K. Z.
Snyder, Jillian
Somerset, Shelter
Soper-Cook, JoAnne
Soto, Ada Maria
Speed, Andrea
Speedwell, Rowan
Spencer, Christianna
Spencer, Sonja
Spencer, Tali
St. Anthony, Michael
Stanley, Gale
Stare, Jay
Stark, Leora
Starre, Jay
Stephens, Caroline
Stivali, Karen
Stone, Ethan
Stretke, B.A.
sudbury, rowena
Suede, Damon
Sunday, Anyta
Sutherland, Cindy
Sutherland, Fae
Suzukawa , Jan
Sylvre, Lou
Tachna, Ariel
Taylor, Gene
Tenino, Anne
Thomas, BG
Toki, Toki
Toland, Lori
Topol, Carol LeVine
Torrens, C.M.
Tortuga, BA
Treadway, Jonathon
Tushmore, Melanie
Tyne, Bryl R
Ulrich, Lorraine
Underscore, Saura
Urban, Jenny
Urban, Madeleine
Valentine, Nik
Various, Various
Vaughn, Piper
Veinglory, Emily
Vicci, Eva
Viz, Anel
Voinov , Aleksandr
von Behrer, Edward
Wagner, Wynn
Walker, DeShaun
Walker, Robyn
Wallace, Lacey
Walton, Ashleigh
Warin, Nessa L.
Watson, Felicia
Watts, Mia
Webb, T. A.
Wells, Jake
Wells, K.C
Wells, K.T.
West, Cooper
West, Heloise
West, Rachel
Wheeler, Sullivan
Wier, Layla M
Wilder, Adrienne
Wiley, G S
Wilgus, Nick
Williams, Braden
Willmann, Maureen
Wiltshire, John
Winters, Eden
Witt, Brandon
Witt, L.A.
Worrall, Lisa
Wright, Connor
Wylde, Beth
X, Sulayman
Xanakas, Xara X,
Yates, Serena
Z, Cari
Zampa, C.

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