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Based in the Pacific Northwest, BLACK OPAL BOOKS was founded by people who thought the publishing industry could do more for both readers and authors. So they formed BLACK OPAL BOOKS and gave it a two-fold mission: produce high-quality, well-edited books for readers, while helping authors achieve their dreams, as well as a higher percentage of royalties.



For Readers: Since we’re readers, too, we know how frustrating and disappointing badly-written and poorly edited books can be. We understand that when you pay good money for a book, you expect to get value for your dollar. So at BLACK OPAL BOOKS, all our books are carefully chosen for quality and thoroughly edited before a single copy goes out.



For Authors: Since we’re authors as well as businesspeople, we know how much hard work goes into writing a book—endless hours spent staring at a page while searching for words, struggling to finish the first draft, revising, editing, more revising, and still more revising. We also understand how disheartening it is, when you finally write the dreaded query letter and send it out to publishers, only to have your book rejected based solely on your query letter by someone who hasn’t read a single word of your book. Or even worse, to not get a response at all. And if you're lucky enough to get accepted and published, to receive royalties of such a small per cent. So at BLACK OPAL BOOKS, we let you send your completed manuscript along with your query letter. For all properly submitted queries, we read at least one chapter of the manuscript before deciding whether to accept or reject it. We also respond to all properly submitted queries. For those of you we do accept, our royalties start at 45%, for both ebook and print, and go as high as 70%.



We’re committed to creating a rewarding and satisfying publishing experience for both readers and authors.

Submission Guidelines

Coming Soon

Bay of Blood
A. M. Potter


The Marijuana Murders
Mark S. Bacon


The Settlement
Ken Bessette


Buried in Sin
Kathryn Long


Buried in Sin
Kathryn Long


Expecting Ty's Baby
Empi Baryeh


The Last Humans
Steven M Moore


The Place Inside the Storm
Bradley W. Wright


The Lost Kitchen: Reflections and Recipes from an Alzheimer’s Caregiver
Miriam Green


DC Mallery


Current Releases

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Locked Out
Sarah Levine Simon

Dan Arrow and the Three-Headed Ophidian
Edward S. Baker

Kilts and Catnip ~ The Shrouded Isle ~ Book 1
Zoe Tasia

Libra ~ The Sign Behind the Crime ~ Book 4
Ronnie Allen

You Say Goodbye
Keith Steinbaum

Rainbow Vintner
Geza Tatrallyay

Southern Comfort
JD Davis

Protecting Kyleigh
Elizabeth Brooks

Tommy's Rival
Patrick Ashtre

An Unconventional Affair ~ Book 2
Mollie Blake

The Case of the Missing Mobster
Harol Marshall

Food for Thought: Just Desserts
Nancy DeRosa

Mutilating women
Anoop Chandola

Beyond the Stone Arch
Gisela Woldenga

Mirror Mirror
Leonardus G.. Rougoor

Murder in the Family
Lisanne Harrington

Lonely Hearts Cry
Anji Nolan

Lost in Time
Ramona Forrest

A Two Horse Town
Kathleen Kaska

Grave Expectations ~ A Mother-and-Me Mystery
Sandra Gardner

Hell Cat ~ A VIC Shapeshifter Novel
Yvonne Rediger


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