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Roane Publishing

Roane Publishing is an independent eBook (first) publisher of quality romance, fantasy, and erotica. While a new publishing company, the staff at Roane have been working in the publishing business for over five years. 

At Roane Publishing, we truly understand without authors, there would be no publishers, and we've made it our mission to form strong partnerships with the writers who choose to trust us with their "babies". Many of us are authors ourselves. We get it and we want to help you get your stories out there.

Roane Publishing provides competitive royalty rates (50%), professional editing, and eye-catching covers. We work closely with our authors, as well as with readers, reviewers, and bloggers to ensure a strong promotional and marketing presence for all of RP's releases. We do expect our authors to contribute to their own marketing and to maintain an active online presence. Roane is an e-publisher, after all.

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Current Releases

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Second Guessing
Gail Ward Olmsted

Trouble in Paradise
London Saint James

Hearts of Valor
London Saint James

Soul of Dust
Adam Millard

Faerie's Ring
Jaylee Austin

Black Wings
Iryna Combs

Bad Boys Wanted
Kastil Eavenshade

Call of the Sea
Rebecca Hart

Summer's Sweet Embrace
Laurie Treacy

Morgan's Mountain
Krista Ames

Things Mysterious
Matthew Chabin

Sheryl Winters

Accidental Valentine
Claire Gillian

Love's Revenge
Terri Rochenski

Light a Candle for the Beast
Echo Shea

Krista Ames

Welcome to Paradise
London Saint James

Purr-fect Mating
Sheryl Winters

Echo Shea

Unholy Matrimony
Sonny Zae

Love's Sorrow (Means of Mercy #1)
Terri Rochenski


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