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Thoughts by Tash

Thoughts by Tash  has  always existed in  some shape or form since 2011. Whilst the  website  was  established  in   August 2012 , with the  aim of sharing my love about the books I loved with a group of friends .  Since early 2016, the blog has been solely run by me.


In 2017  I  finally decided to take the plunge and expanded the blog to reflect  my  fledgling Youtube channel and indulgence in  my passions for food and beauty. You can now find reviews , demonstrations and features about books and beauty with the occasional food post thrown in and there

Please visit her blog to find her  Review Policy

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Current Releases

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Ocean's Three
Elena Kincaid

Summer Loving
Bobbi Romans

The Dragon King
Candace Blevins

Faire's Destiny
Kat Barrett

Only Human
Candace Blevins

Safeword: Arabesque
Candace Blevins

On the Trail (Guardian's Tales 3)
Zenobia Renquist

Marked by Hades
Reese Monroe

Tessa Bailey

On the Case (Guardian's Tales 2)
Zenobia Renquist

Beautiful & Broken
Sara Hubbard
Featured Review

Scent of Salvation
Annie Nicholas

Grade-A-Sex Deal
Erica Pike

The Walls Have Ears
Erica Pike

Hot Hands
Erica Pike

Hazard Duty
Rue Allyn

Her Guardian Angel
Khloe Wren

Their Virgin Slayer (Devils Among Us)
Darby London

Destiny's Chance
Cara Bristol

Sondrae Bennett

White Witch 1: The True One
Shara Azod

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