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Amour Reviews will reviews for adult romance novels. Currently only accepting romance novels written for those 18 and older, no Young Adult, Coming of Age or Teen romance. All romance novels must have a heat level of 2 or above, for example no fade to black or purple prose writing.

All reviews will be posted on Amazon, Goodreads, Manic Readers, and Facebook. Because we don't want to be rude to authors all reviews that are 2 stars or less will be emailed directly to the author and won't be posted unless the author wishes for them to be posted. We will respect their works entirely.

No spoilers will be given in reviews, cover images will be used however.

Where possible we will give the purchase links for the novel reviewed in the review.

All romance novels that are reviewed are either purchased by our reviewers, read on Kindle Unlimited (Amazon), or given freely to us by the author.

We are a new review company as of August 2016 and are working on giving the best possible honest reviews for every book that we read.

Current Releases

Her Dirty Mechanics- The Men of Treasure Cove 12
Rebecca Joyce


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