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A Question of Trust: A Stormhaven Love Story by Mona Karel
A Question of Honor ~ A Stormhaven Love Story by Mona Karel
Devil's Boneyard MC 1: Jackal by Harley Wylde
Devil's Boneyard MC 2: Scratch by Harley Wylde
Letter From Mr Smith part 3 Live Erotic Show by Alex Palange

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FAQ for Review Companies

FAQ for Authors and Publishers

If you are a review company and you would like to join the Manic Readers Review Depot, please contact us for more information. The Review Depot helps review sites manage their books, reviews, and reviewers. Some of the benefits of the review depot are:
  • A huge time savings for website owners (hours per week)
  • Exposure from thousands of authors and publishers
  • Increased name recognition and more traffic to your site
  • Many books and genres to choose from
  • The ability to limit the number of books each reviewer can check out at a time (this is helpful for new reviewers)
  • Reports to easily see the books checked out and how long they have been checked out
  • Reports to see which reviewers are the top and bottom performers
  • Automated notifications - Email notifications for new review requests, when reviewers check out books and submit reviews, emails to the requester when the review is complete, and more
  • Security - Being a part of the Review Depot gives you access to identify potential reviewer imposters
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