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MerLion's Pleasure
by Diane Taylor

Release Date: 03/01/08
Genre: Erotic Romance
Pages: 73
Publisher: Firedrakes Weyr Publishing
Format ISBN Price
E-Book 9780981481944 4.50
Author Page: Diane Taylor

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What happens when you mix a woman bent on Maritime History and the ghost of an Irish pirate in Greece? Absolute Mayhem! Teresa Lorence is a thesis away from gaining her Doctorate in Maritime History. Through a friend of a friend, she gets to fly to Greece for some experience in building a Pirate Vessel. The moment she boards the plane from New Orleans, she is dropped squarely in the middle of a mystery. First is the package containing an ancient map and a note signed only with MM, then the tales of a ship called the MerLion that sails the Mediterranean and the ghostly stud muffin that suddenly appears in the Captain's cabin, demanding an explanation. From there, the mystery deepens, widens, and becomes more complicated than the Seven Seas combined. Through it all, Teresa is drawn to the handsome ghost, who she now knows as the MerLion himself. Has Fate brought them together, only to be ripped apart by death? Come aboard, open the book, and let your imagine sail you into the adventure of a lifetime!
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