Manic Readers
by Allison Chase

Release Date: 11/04/08
Genre: Historical Romance
Pages: 368
Publisher: Signet
Format ISBN Price
Print 978-0451225528 6.99
Kindle 5.99
Author Page: Allison Chase
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On desolate Blackheath Moor, made treacherous by swirling mist and ghostly cries, a young woman finds refuge in a mystical churchyard—and in the arms of a handsome stranger…


Exiled to her aunt’s home in Cornwall after provoking a London scandal, irrepressible Sophie St. Clair knows that something is wrong in the village of Penhollow.  Mysterious lights, phantom ships--are smugglers once again plying their illegal trade along the coast?  Or, as local legend insists, have the spirits of long-dead pirates returned to wreak their vengeance?  Too much remains unexplained to satisfy Sophie, including her passionate response to the rakish nobleman whose help she seeks, whose embrace she can’t resist…


Following his father’s death, Chad Rutherford, Earl of Wycliffe, returns to his family estate near Blackheath Moor tormented by guilt for his reckless past and haunted by terrifying ghosts that demand retribution for their innocent murders. When Sophie St. Clair materializes out of the mist one fateful night, he is drawn to her with a desire beyond reason. But as Chad and Sophie embark on a dangerous quest to uncover the secrets of both past and present, they must fight powerful specters working against them.  Will the spirits of Blackheath Moor hold them in their eternal grip…or can they vanquish the evil-doers and claim their future together?


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