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Passion's Tapestry
by Megan Hussey

Release Date: 06/01/08
Genre: Futuristic/Time Travel
Pages: 29
Format ISBN Price
E-Book 978-1-897560-02-0 0.00
Author Page: Megan Hussey

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Chivalrous, handsome and endlessly cultured, Andrew Bergen seems very much like a man from another time.  And when he acquires a lushly embroidered tapestry that depicts a bountiful Renaissance forest, he finds himself magically transported to the era of knights and ladies, chivalry and grace.
The tapestry takes him to a Renaissance village, where he meets its enchanting weaver; Lady Estella, an artist and intellectual endlessly oppressed by the constraints of her time.  Her friendship with the mysterious, forward thinking Andrew evolves into a passionate romance; but to stay together, they must overcome their obvious differences, the objections of her family, and the barriers of time itself.
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