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For the Love of Lorenzo
by Kate Hofman

Release Date: 02/14/11
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 140
Publisher: Romance at Heart Publications
Format ISBN Price
E-Book 5.00
Author Page: Kate Hofman
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Life is good for Lorenzo Monferrato. He has a doting mother, a wife who loves him, and a daughter who thinks the sun rises and sets around her daddy.   

His development company flourishes, and is now worth over a billion dollars.   The only downside to his days is Amber, his over-protective secretary, who is in love with him and deludes herself that Lorenzo would return her feelings if only his wife were out of the picture.  He realizes he needs a male Personal Assistant, not a pushy secretary.

Lissa Monferrato is happy--she has a to-die-for husband, a daughter she dotes on, and a delightful mother-in-law.  

When a new project in Atlanta forces Lorenzo to take  Amber, she harasses him sexually, and he fires her instantly.  He hires a male Personal Assistant, but Amber is not done.  Will Lorenzo’s world be turned upside down?  What else is Amber plotting for him?  More importantly, is Lissa in danger?

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