Manic Readers
by Roxanne Smolen
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Release Date: 03/07/11
Genre: Sci-Fi
Pages: 195
Publisher: SynergEbooks
Format ISBN Price
E-Book 0-7443-1622-7 7.98
Author Page: Roxanne Smolen
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Extrasensory perception is a gift sought and often exploited. But what if society viewed telepathy as an affliction or even a danger?

Taralyn is a telepath found masquerading as a normal person. She flees Earth to look for sanctuary in the moons of Jupiter. But she is pursued by Asher, an Enforcer of the psychic police force. After many narrow escapes, Taralyn finds she cannot banish Asher's face from her dreams. A bond forms between the hunted and her hunter. But is it love that draws her to him, or mind control?

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