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Beyond Wild Imaginings
by Brieanna Robertson

Release Date: 05/29/08
Genre: Fantasy
Pages: 188
Publisher: Forbidden Publications
Format ISBN Price
E-Book 5.99
Author Page: Brieanna Robertson
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Kelly's outlook on life is bleak. A bad car accident and having her boyfriend of three years walk out on her has left her anything but optimistic. The only comfort she has is her writing, but even her muse seems to be MIA. Her controlling sister's driving her crazy and she keeps having strange dreams about a sexy, winged man that seems familiar to her.

A flock of rogue pigeons, a nursery rhyme, an unknown savior and one superstitious, metrosexual friend later, Kelly finds her entire life turned upside down. She's plummeted head first into the extraordinary and suddenly finds herself saddled with a see-through imaginary man she had created when she was a child… Only she doesn't remember him ever being so completely irresistible…

Kelly hadn't planned on falling in love, especially with an imaginary being, but her heart had other ideas. Can she figure out a way to keep him, to prove that magic and fantasy can exist in real life? Or will he be torn from her forever by the self-centered world's lack of belief?

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