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Love From the Ashes 1: Captain O'Reilly's Woman
by Gwen Campbell

Release Date: 05/05/11
Genre: Futuristic/Time Travel
Pages: 288
Publisher: Shadowfire Press
Format ISBN Price
E-Book 5.50
Author Page: Gwen Campbell
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Captain O'Reilly's Woman
First book of the Love from the Ashes Series
Genre: Futuristic / Post Apocalyptic
Heat Level: Bonfire
Length: Shadowfire  words / 288 pages
Price: $5.50
Released 5th May 2011 from Shadowfire Press

Her genes are in short supply and he's got baby maker written all over him.

The year is 21GW…twenty-one years after the great war that killed ninety percent of the Earth's population. But the world is starting to recover.
Parts of it anyway. The Army had been recruiting aggressively since the year 2GW, defending the borders and the peace. Medics like Corporal Samantha Cooper bring health care to communities that have been without more than bandages and butterfly kisses for twenty-one years.

Samantha's also got some rare genes and she's just been designated RI. Repopulation Imperative. It's an easy gig really. She just has to get herself knocked up. In return, she gets special privileges, compensation, and ensures the genetic diversity of the human race.

Problem is, the only man she's considering for the role of baby maker is her CO. Captain David O'Reilly's thirteen years older than her, a survivor and one of the most capable, honorable men she's ever met.

So how does a grunt ask a decorated officer to risk everything he's worked for in exchange for a hookup with benefits?

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