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A Gentle Christmas
by Yvette Hines

Release Date: 07/15/11
Genre: BDSM
Pages: 0
Publisher: Tease
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Author Page: Yvette Hines
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Nothing was as it seems when it came to Monica Lancing, aka Delilah to her scene friends. She was living so many lies that she no longer knew the truth, until the day Ridge Nicholaus walked into Strong Blends and unraveled her world.
New to town, Ridge decides to join two old friends and their sub at an underground BDSM club for a holiday play-party. The moment he sees Delilah, resident pain slut, he desires nothing more than to see her bent over and taking the bite from his whip. Instantly, he discovers there’s more to her than meets the eye. Using her boldness against her, Ridge makes a bet with the captivating vixen that by Christmas morning he’ll bring her to her knees by showing her the gentle side of the lifestyle. If he wins she’ll agree to be his submissive, exclusively. If he loses he’ll allow her to keep her secrets.

This Christmas experience the gentle kiss of a whip…

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