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Two For Tuesday
by Fiona E McGier

Release Date: 07/01/11
Genre: Erotic Contemporary Romance
Pages: 163
Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press Torrid
Format ISBN Price
E-Book 978-1-61160-117-6 6.49
Author Page: Fiona E McGier
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 Melanie was the co-ed all the guys wanted, the one who was trying to get the college to let her minor in sex.  Marcus was the poor ghetto-student on a full-ride scholarship, trying to keep his head above water in medical school, and unable to allow himself more than one night a week off from his studying.  What started out as a one-night stand, became a once-a week thing, until Marcus began to realize that sharing Melanie with whomever she picked up for the night was not enough for him.  Just when he got her to agree to be monogamous, they graduated and she took a job in another state.  Years later, now in the middle of a divorce, he realizes that the only woman he ever really loved was the one who got away.  He finds her name on the internet, and drives up unannounced to see her.  She is afraid that his being a married man will threaten her teaching job, so she is trying to keep him at arms' length away.  Which only works for a while...

Dr. Marcus Jones is world-famous for inventing a procedure to make cardiac surgery quicker and safer.  He has achieved much in the ten years since he graduated from medical school, including accumulating more wealth than he had ever dreamed of growing up in the projects in Chicago.  But he has not been as successful in his personal life.  His lawyer-wife is divorcing him--but then he was never really in love with her.  He has only felt that way about one woman...the one he dated back in college...the one who "got away".   But he didn't get to be rich and famous by not pursuing his dreams.  When he finds her name on the internet he contacts her, determined to see if he can rekindle what they once had together back when he could only spare one night a week away from his studies, and his world revolved around Tuesdays.

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