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The Luna Moth
by Melissa Harlow

Release Date: 09/20/10
Genre: Erotic Romance
Publisher: Renaissance E-Books
Format ISBN Price
E-Book 9781615083213 5.99
Author Page: Melissa Harlow
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 The Luna Moth is a powerful story with a simple message. If you can see yourself through another’s eyes, the eyes of someone who really loves you, you can change your life.

Regina worked her entire adult life as a stripper, until a fight with cancer left everything in ruins. Now she is scarred, not only from the loss of her breast, but because the man she loved could not accept it.

Broke and alone, she returns to the strip club where she once worked, after her former employer offers her an apartment above the club. She learns that someone has been looking for her, a customer who she can’t quite remember.

This chance meeting leads her on a journey to the mountains, and to the one man who could just be everything that she needs.

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