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Dangerous Prey
by Lindsay McKenna

Release Date: 12/01/08
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 0
Publisher: Harlequin
Format ISBN Price
Print 0373773213 6.99
Author Page: Lindsay McKenna
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Expert pilot kelly Trayhern thrives on risk--and nothing's more exciting than fight fires, dropping water from her helicopter onto the blazes below. But on one especially perilous mission, the furious flames change her life in a way she never expected...

Raptor rehabilitator Sky McCoy had his own dream of flying, dreams that were brutally crushed when he was a teenager, and only the quick actions of fearless Kelly Trayhern saved his life. He had to leave her then, but he's never forgotten her--and when she needs him most, nothing will keep him away.

Now, the mysterious native American is determined to heal Kelly's spirit as he heals his birds of prey. But can he save her life despite the evil threat h knows is looming, waiting to destroy everything he loves?

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