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The Unrepentant Rake
by Barbara Monajem

Release Date: 01/02/12
Genre: Historical Romance
Pages: 69
Publisher: Harlequin Historical
Format ISBN Price
E-Book 9781459220119 2.69
Author Page: Barbara Monajem
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Beatrix March chose to be a governess rather than let an overbearing husband rule her. Even though she never intends to marry, it doesn't mean she can't enjoy a man' —especially when presented with one as tempting as notorious rake Simon Carling!

Simon doesn't usually seduce virtuous governesses, but Beatrix is unlike any woman he's ever encountered. Her luscious curves were made to grace a man's bed, and he's never denied himself such satisfaction before.

Flouting society's tedious conventions, in favor of thrilling chemistry, may force Beatrix and Simon to contemplate the unthinkable—marriage!

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