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Jade Kitsune
by Diane Taylor

Release Date: 11/01/08
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Pages: 91
Publisher: Firedrakes Weyr Publishing
Format ISBN Price
E-Book 4.50
Author Page: Diane Taylor
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The Montegard Trilogy

A stolen Statue,  An Unknown Evil on the Loose,  The End of the World is Near!  What could be worse??
When a priceless statue is stolen from the Ashi ancestral home, little did Tara know that it would bring her own life crashing down around her.   Together with her soulmate, Markus, she must travel to the farthest reaches of Nepal, and then into the forbidden world of Tibet on a mission to retrieve the Kitsune statue before it is too late.
Maybe it already is.  Either way, the price tag is costly.  Will Tara and Markus be willing to pay the price to save the world?  Or will this truly be the end of everything.... open the book and find out.
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