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Fallen Angel
by Dark Scribe

Release Date: 07/22/12
Genre: BDSM
Pages: 282
Publisher: My Pouty Lips
Format ISBN Price
E-Book 9781476299563 5.99
Print 9781478286578 13.99
Author Page: Dark Scribe
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Passionate as well as extreme, completely fascinating, this novel, based on a true story, will drag you in the alternative LifeStyle universe and let you discover an underworld made of Domination and submission. It will insinuate your mind and catch your breath until the end, pushing the boundaries of your imagination and desires.

When Nicole – your typical next door single mother – logged into her account that day, she didn't expect things to take that turn. She is approached by the Dark One, someone that everyone in the chat room seems to fear yet don't seem to know much about him. He will gradually take hold of her will, bringing her through intricate paths filled with pain and pleasures, love and anger, slowly building an intense craving in her mind and body. But something that even He couldn't expect happened...


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