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Ambrose and the Waif
by Rick R. Reed

Release Date: 12/15/08
Genre: GLBT
Pages: 50
Publisher: Amber Quill Press
Format ISBN Price
E-Book 978-1-60272-442-6 3.00
Author Page: Rick R. Reed
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Ambrose loves his waif. But the waif, a handsome young man, has murder on his mind—a convenient solution for getting rid of his overweight partner who uses his girth and his influence to stand in the way of the pair’s love for one another. In this twisted tale, played out in letters between Ambrose and his waif, we get a glimpse into the bizarrely romantic lives of the world’s most original lovers. Their love is founded on mutual hate, deceit, and a prurient longing for the other seldom seen in gay fiction. What’s true and what’s false in the brooding, fantastical letters the pair pens to one another? Not even they are certain as they plot murder, plan escape to exotic, far-off lands, and confound one another with psychological mind games. As you hungrily press through pages, you, too, will be confounded as you think you know what’s happening, only to have your beliefs reversed, set back on course again, and perhaps even striking off in entirely new and unexpected directions. What is certain is that you will never be sure of the fate of Ambrose and the Waif until you get to its final, breathless conclusion.
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