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by Kayla Gray

Release Date: 02/01/09
Genre: Historical Romance
Pages: 352
Publisher: Kensington / Zebra
Format ISBN Price
Print 4.99
Author Page: Kayla Gray
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It Only Takes One Kiss.

When infamous rogue pirate Captain Angel storms aboard the merchant ship Oxford, he discovers more than just valuable cargo. He learns that one of the ladies aboard is the fianc‚e of his most hated rival. Angel can see that Madeline Hartwell is quite a prize. For bedding her will give him both sweet revenge and immense pleasure...

To Seal Their Fate Forever.

If Madeline Hartwell's true identity is discovered, she could hang for a crime she committed in self defense. But Angel believes her to be a betrothed lady, and Madeline hopes his mistake will ensure her safety. As the two clash, Madeline can't deny the simmering attraction that's heating up-and she may have no choice but to surrender to the pirate's enticing touch.

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