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Calypso's Revenge: A Traitor's Heart
by Dehanna Bailee

Release Date: 01/01/09
Genre: Sci-Fi
Pages: 220
Publisher: Blue Leaf Publications
Format ISBN Price
E-Book 3.99
Author Page: Dehanna Bailee
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Former Brigadier Teah Valtamise is wanted for killing her partner and abandoning her post. Eight years since she fled Calypso, she thinks she’s out testing her newest protégés skills however the solid sensation of a gun to the back of her head tells her otherwise. Now in the hands of an old comrade, Teah works to save the life of an innocent oblivious to the depth of one man’s vengeance, but will she be prepared to sacrifice everything--a chance at love, an old friendship, and possibly, her own life--to do what she knows is right?

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