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Really Good Neighbors
by Janet G

Release Date: 04/05/12
Genre: Erotic Multiple Partner
Pages: 117
Publisher: BbB Digital Publishing
Format ISBN Price
E-Book 978-0-9876792-3-9 3.99
Author Page: Janet G
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Madison, Wisconsin, real estate agent Liv is as attractive as she is jaded. During the academic year she rents out two of the four bedrooms in her townhouse to UW students: female only, grad students preferred. She also owns the townhouse next door. For the past two and half years the house has been rented to doctoral students Mac and Curtis. The men are childhood friends who lost their wives to a drunk driver. Their decision to return to university has as much to do with recovery therapy as it does with their career aspirations.

Over the years they have been neighbors, Liv and Mac and Curtis have become good friends. The men’s friendship has sanded the edges off Liv’s jaded streak, while her friendship has lessened the loneliness of their grieving. Mac and Curtis have decided they are ready to start dating. And the woman they want to start with is Liv. They ask her to either pick one of them or give them both a definitive no. Liv decides there’s a better solution and proceeds to seduce both.

The three forge a loving threesome, but their happiness lasts only a few months. Following two chance meetings with the same dean’s wife, the threesome realizes that if their unconventional relationship were to become common knowledge, it would be disastrous in their professional careers. The logical solution is to bring another woman into the relationship.

REALLY GOOD NEIGHBORS is volume 2 in the Foursome For All series by Janet G, who is being hailed by critics and readers as "One of the best," and "Eroticism incarnate." Volumes 1 and 3 (A LUSTING COUPLE and TELLING STORIES) are also available on Amazon.      


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