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Demon Hunting in a Dive Bar
by Lexi George

Release Date: 02/01/13
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Pages: 351
Publisher: Kensington / Brava
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Author Page: Lexi George
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Half-demon Rebekah “Beck” Damian owns a bar that caters to the paranormal residents of Hannah, Ala. In George’s madcap third demon-hunting paranormal (after Demon Hunting in Dixie), Beck’s firmly controlled life goes to hell in a hurry when a hot, arrogant Dalvahni demon hunter shows up, throwing Beck into infuriating lust and a load of unwanted trouble. “Alpha male jackass” Conall thinks Beck knows something about a weapon that can wound the near-invulnerable Dalvahni. Prickly Beck is bewilderingly attractive to the “unemotional creature of logic” that is the Dalvahni warrior, plus he’s supposed to kill demons, not fall for them. Added for fun and depth are a sweet shifter dog, a depressed vegetarian zombie, a screechy Wampus Kitty, and scores more. George again serves up memorable Southern one-liners (“He was irritating as a pair of burlap drawers”) while upping the stakes in this satisfyingly funny series installment. Agent: Jill Marr, the Sandra Dijkstra Literary Agency. (Feb.)

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