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Egging Her On
by Alexandra O'Hurley

Release Date: 03/08/13
Genre: Anthology
Publisher: BOE Press
Format ISBN Price
E-Book 9781301232048 2.99
Author Page: Alexandra O'Hurley
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Four delicious men, four Easter surprises, and four women who are in for more than just a nibble of chocolate....

The Taste of Lust by Emma Shortt

Samia has lusted after her neighbor, the luscious Dr. Robert, for weeks. She's plotted a million different ways to get her hands on his stethoscope but the right opportunity has been stubbornly elusive. Until now.

He needs her help and she is more than willing to give it. Before the night is through Dr. Robert will come to realize that Easter is full of surprises, and sometimes the very thing you have been looking for has been right under your nose all along.

The Sweet Tooth by Cat Kelly

Paula has a sweet tooth that isn't easily satisfied. It's all the fault of one lovely nibble in the past that left her with a deep yearning for more. A need no one else can fill.

But when she agrees to look after a friend's apartment over Easter, she finds herself on the receiving end of a gift that wasn't meant for her. And the man that always was.

Just one Lick by Marie Medina

Abby didn’t expect to get anything for Easter. She certainly didn’t expect her best friend Zero to pop out of a giant egg in her living room, but he’s made it very clear that he isn’t leaving until she agrees to take a chance on being so much more than friends.

Remote Control Love by Alexandra O'Hurley

Isla has lived across the hall from her buddy Campbell for nearly a year, drooling over him as they ate pizza and guzzled beer on his dateless nights. But she’s consigned to the friend zone.

Campbell loves women and dates regularly, but he finally realizes Isla is the forever kind of girl he’s always wanted in his life. Can he drag her out of the self-relegated friend zone with the help of a very special vibrating egg in her Easter basket?

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