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Better Than Chocolate
by Brieanna Robertson

Release Date: 09/01/06
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 282
Publisher: Forbidden Publications
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Author Page: Brieanna Robertson
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Better than Chocolate is the second book in Brieanna Robertson’s Serendipity series and another delightful offering from a talented writer. Although a few elements stretch credibility (Kat becoming a “master” of three martial arts styles in five years, for one), the characters were engaging enough for me to overlook them while I read. The characters’ emotions and responses feel real, passionate, and heartfelt; all the turbulence and breathless wonder of a couple’s first passion and true love come through well.
Although her style is still a little rough around the edges, Ms. Robertson’s voice is fresh, and her talent for striking the right emotional tone is excellent. For those who are looking for a sweet, satisfying romance, or who want a bright, lovely portrait of young lovers reunited, Better than Chocolate is a great choice.

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